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Infant Program
Children 3 - 18 months

Our infant program is a peaceful, nurturing, and loving environment where babies are free to explore. We have created a homelike room where every aspect is carefully selected to not only enhance the child's development but also convey unconditional love. We "follow the child" and have an unhurried pace in which each child is allowed to explore based upon their own curiosity and mobility.

We welcome children as young as 3 months of age into our program. As children approach the age of 18 months we begin a gradual transition into our toddler program. We work closely with each family developing a specific plan to ensure a successful transition into the next phase of their educational journey.


We "follow the child" in our infant program. While many infants follow some sort of routine, it is not a strict schedule. We work closely with you, the parents, to maintain a consistent pattern that actively responds directly to the needs of your child and works in harmony with what you do at home.

Teacher / Child Ratio

Virginia Department of Social Services recognizes a 4:1 ratio of adults to children for infants, we strive to maintain a 3:1 ratio. While we will make every attempt to achieve this goal, there will be times such as during transitional periods when we may temporarily maintain a 4:1 ratio.


Before your child begins attending, we will sit down and discuss your feeding routines. As we develop a relationship with your child, we will keep your routine in mind and work closely with you to follow your specific feeding schedule. All food for infants are supplied by parents and we welcome parents to drop off expressed milk at anytime during the day.

Potty Training

Your child spends a lot of time in school so let us help you in this important aspect of a child's growth. We work with parents to potty train our young students, continuing the good work that the parents do at home.

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